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Registration Forms

Registration Forms

Major Change

Maybe you’ve fallen in love with another one of Dixie State University’s pathway choices.  Use this online form to change your major.

Change My Major

Leave of Absence
& Scholarship Deferment

Used when a student is taking a break of more than one semester or deferring their admission. (Cannot be used if you are enrolling at another institution of higher education.)

Take A Break

Complete Withdrawal Form

Used to completely withdraw from DSU beginning the first day of the semester.

Withdraw Online

Academic Appeals Form

For students who are appealing a grade, a graduation requirement and/or a general education requirement.

Appeal My Grade

Reorder Diploma Form

Upon submission of this form, you will be sent a confirmation email and charged a $10 replacement diploma fee. The fee may be paid online through your MyDixie account. Please email graduation@dixie.edu if you have any questions.

Reorder Now

Order/Reorder Certificate Form

Upon submission of this form, you will be sent a confirmation email and charged a $10 order/replacement certificate fee. The fee may be paid online through your MyDixie account. Please contact your academic advisor if you have any questions.

Reorder Certificate

General Education Letter of Completion

Certifies a student’s completion of general education requirements.

Take Me There

Order Transcripts

Order Transcripts through myDixie or through the National Student Clearinghouse. More information can be found here.

Learn More
Add Card  

Used to register for classes when a signature is required (when a prerequisite has not been met, instructor permission required, course is full, etc.) *see Academic Calendar for dates and deadlines.

Drop Card  

Used to drop a course, individual courses can also be dropped online.To drop all of your classes, please submit the complete withdrawal form *see Academic Calendar for dates and deadlines

Audit Card  

Used to audit a course. Must be submitted prior to the end of the 4th week.

Release of Information Authorization  

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law which protects the privacy of student education records. Under FERPA, a student must give written permission to allow another individual access to their education records. Signing the form outside of the presence of a Dixie State University official will automatically void the form.

Course Repeat Card  

After a student has repeated a course, this card is submitted to negate the previous grade from the GPA.

House Bill 60 Card  

Used by Utah residents (62 yrs old and up) to participate in the house bill 60 program. Card is signed on the 1st day of classes by instructor and returned to the Registrar’s Office.

Information Change  

Used to change name, social security number, or gender in the student information database.

Academic Renewal Petition  

Allows eligible students to discount limited previous poor grades from the grade point calculations on their transcript.

Exception to Policy Petition  

Seek for an exception to a given policy (i.e. late add, late drop, tuition refund, etc.)

Transfer Credit Equivalency Form  

Used to articulate transfer courses that have been evaluated as the equivalent to DSU courses.

Admission Forms

Commonly Used

Application for Admission

Apply for admission to Dixie State University.

Apply Now

International Student Application for Admission

Apply for admission to Dixie State University as an International Student

Apply Now
Residency Application  

Used by non-resident students to apply for Utah residency for tuition purposes.

Other Forms

Release of Information Authorization  

Allows a 3rd party (i.e. parents, guardian) access to a student’s records, and to act in behalf of the student in requesting transcripts or other information.

Affidavit for Non-Resident Alien Waiver  

For students of undocumented aliens, to qualify for a waiver of non-resident tuition.

Exemption of Non-Resident Tuition for Eligible Foreign Nationals  

Exemption of non-resident tuition for foreign nationals who qualify under USHE policy R512.4.4.3

Faculty Form

Incomplete Contract  

Per Policy 522, used by faculty to define course completion requirements.



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