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Leave of Absence & Scholarship Deferment

Taking a break from your studies or plan on serving a church mission (or other eligible service) before attending Dixie? Complete this form and receive the following benefits:

  1. Academic scholarships will be deferred until you return (within 7 semesters, including summer);
  2. Requirement to reapply for admission and readmission fee will be waived;
  3. Can designate someone to transact business for you in your absence*.

The following conditions apply: 1.) Must be fully admitted, 2.) Must re-enroll within 7 semesters (including summer) of departure, and 3.) Must complete this form prior to the first day of classes (for the term you are not attending). Good luck on your alternate plans and we look forward to seeing you again on campus!

*Note that selecting this option will also allow the designated person to have access to your academic records upon request.

Leave of Absence/Scholarship Deferment Form

Student Information

Contact Information


Reason for Leave of Absence

Please indicate your intentions:

If yes, please indicate who

Person Transacting Business on my Behalf

* Please provide the person you select to transact business on your behalf with your Dixie ID and passphrase. They will be required to provide this information when working with DSU personnel.