Registrar’s Office

Mission Statement

As part of the Enrollment Services team and focusing on being student-centered, the Registrar’s Office supports the University’s mission of providing open access to educational opportunities, as well as supporting campus initiatives in attracting and retaining students at DSU. The Registrar’s Office also seeks to support the University’s mission and core values by facilitating the transition of students from initial enrollment to degree completion; ensuring adherence to academic policy, safeguarding academic records, and providing accessible and reliable services while striving to meet the diverse needs of students, faculty, administration, alumni and the community. The Registrar’s Office uses technological tools to enhance efficiency, access, and effectiveness. In particular, the Registrar’s Office:

  • Supports the academic mission and the integrity of Dixie State University by providing a multitude of services and information to customers.
  • Creates, maintains, manages, and protects accurate student and academic University records according to established best practices and campus policy.
  • Implements institutional, professional, and legal policies and regulations related to academic records in a fair, honest, and consistent manner.